Real Estate Photography By

Robert A. Henderson


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                                                        Drone Photography or

                                                    Aerial photos and video. 
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Here are some facts about drones and aerial photography:

1. To be a licensed drone pilot/photographer, you need to pass a challenging FAA test and pay fees to then become a  Certified UAS commercial pilot. I have that certification and I also carry liability ins specifically for drone pilots. 

2. To shoot regular photos, you set up your shot and press the shutter. To shoot aerial photos/video, you do the same thing while also flying a drone. 

3. Drone photography requires a substantial investment...and more time shooting. 

After the shoot: processing. 

My process:  Due to some differences in camera equipment, developing my aerial photos requires the use of yet another processing program. Processing the video takes yet another. Then the results are added to the regular photos to give you the final product of stills and a Virtual Tour.