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Robert A. Henderson


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Hardware AND Software

What about equipment? It matters. A quality DSLR, and pro software are going to give you a much better set of photographs. A pretty high level drone and camera are necessary for the aerial work.  I shoot exclusively with state-of-the-art Sony DSLRs  and quality lenses. I don't do quick, hand-held shooting. Rather, Iuse a tripod and a wireless release to insure  truly sharp photos.  My drone is one of the best available for aerial real estate photography.

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How do you process the photos? With digital photography (from a good camera),  plain JPEGs can be pretty good, but proper processing of the RAW photos, with the right software, is just as important as hardware.  I shoot only bracketed RAW photos and then process with  several photo programs.  Currently, I use as many as 4 of those programs to process all your photos and tour. Even with a quality DSLR, you can't get  the most out of your photos without doing the work on the computer too.  If you'd like to know more about processing, we'll talk shop sometime.

There is a lot that happens between shooting and delivering