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Robert A. Henderson


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Product and Pricing information:

AERIAL Photos and video: I now offer aerial photography which includes stills and video. Add aerials to a regular residential shoot for only $59.  

This will include both 3-5 aerial photos and  up to 40 seconds of video of your special listing*. 

Have some lots or land and want to show it with aerials? I now shoot lots, of 1up to 3 or 4 acres, for only $120. That includes 5  or so still photos and up to a minute of video. If you would like additional photos of a special development (entrance, parks, club house, etc. ) I'll add that to the shoot for only $145 total. Larger sections of land (several acres) is negotiable.

For your regular residential shoots, pricing is as follows: 

Approximate number of photos delivered by sq. ft. *

Under 2000 sq. ft.: approx 35+

2000-3500: approx 45+

Over 3500 sq. ft: approx 55+

Slideshow/Virtual tour: 

Along with your photos, I give you both a branded and an unbranded virtual tour with soundtrack.  The tour is hosted on my  own website.  You can use the branded link I send you for embedding in your own site and use the vunbranded version to drop into MLS.  

Tour duration varies from approximately 4 minutes, up to 6 for those larger listings and/or if aerial video is added. Music is optional and, should you not like the music I selected for your listing, let me know and I'll change it. 


Delivering your photos/Virtual Tour*: 

Photos and the virtual tours are conveniently delivered to you via the web. All you need do is click on the link you receive via email to download the photos and copy/paste the links for the tours. If  you are unfamiliar with this type of service, I will visit your office to demonstrate or you can visit mine. 


Base rate per shoot: $130,

 plus $.01/sq. ft.,

plus any travel [1] and tax[2].

Example: 3000 sq. ft. home in Albuquerque would be $171.70.

Add aerial photography for only $59. 

Payment is due in no more than 72 hrs after delivery! I accept:

Paypal (to Robert@rahtography.com) or 

a check sent to me at: 8146 Sand Springs Cir NW, Albuquerque, NM, 87114. 



* As a licensed photographer, I retain the copyright for all photos/slideshows. As the listing agent, you are given exclusive licensing to use the photos and tours - for MLS, your own website, flyers, etc.- for the duration of your listing. I will host the photos/tour on my website, and maintain backup copies for up to one year, or for the duration of your listing. I  may also use some of the work to advertize my service.

Concerning aerial photography, I reserve the right to determine whether a listing will be not only enhanced by aerial photos, but is in a location where it is legal and feasable to fly.

[1] Travel over 25 miles: $1.00/mi, one way. Example: Santa Fe +$25

[2] Rate based on my business location. For 2017, the new sales tax rate for Albuquerque is 7.313.